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Investor Pitch

All start-up need funds. Investor Pitch is a presentation which help start-ups get funds for growing their business. It is a very important activity for a new business. So, new entrepreneurs spend a lot of time and effort creating the right pitch to attract the desired funds. Time provided for most investor pitches are limited. Investors look for one or two key things which might interest them. Most of the time, the duration is five to seven minutes. Within this limited time, the presenter has to create an impact. How can he or she do so? The answer lies in two parts – the presentation has to be crisp and to the point and second, the presenter should use the right words highlighting the right things without wasting much time. For this, he has to practice a lot. An Investor Pitch should not be more than 15 slides and should cover the following points:

The need –– State the customer need you are addressing. Define the need and use data to quantify the problem statement. Investors should understand the extensive research you have done to understand the customer's need.

Company's approach – Explain the approach you are using to solve the problem. Explain why you have chosen this approach, back it up with data.

The Solution –Explain the solution in detail – the features and benefits of your products and services. Highlight the USP and key differentiation points. Tell the value story and mention how it is the best solution for your customers.

The Target Customer – Specify the customers you are targeting – geography, demography, income and social group. Explain why you think, it is the right target group, back it up with data.

Competition – Mention the players already present in the market. Explain with a chart how your offering is different from competition and how it is unique. Highlight any niche customer segment you are targeting which is not currently targeted by competition.

Revenue Model – This is the climax of your presentation. Investors want to see the success you have achieved so far. Explain the revenue model in detail. Use charts to show projected income. Mention how much revenue you have been able to generate and how many customers you were able to convert.

Team – Share the details of your team. Highlight the expertise and experience which will give your client the confidence to deal with your company.

PPT Inspiration offers high quality PowerPoint templates for all the presentation segments mentioned above. These templates are completely editable. Download the templates and use them to create an impactful Investor Pitch.

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