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Planning and Reviewing

Planning and Reviewing is an important monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly activity. People put in a lot of effort and time in creating a plan and reviewing progress. Every review leads to a plan and every plan needs to be reviewed. Planning and Reviewing is always associated with some data analysis. Presenting the data in the right way gives more meaning to numbers and the thought you want to present. However, there is a bit of difference between a Planning Presentation and Review Presentation. Let us understand the difference here:

Planning Presentation –The objective here is to sell the plan. It should start with the background. For example, if you are preparing a half yearly plan for your profit centre, then you should summarize the current scenario. Then talk about the challenges you and your team have faced during the last six months. Once you have established the background, state your objective for the next 6 months. This plan is to achieve those objectives. Then go on to explain how you want to achieve this objective. Break down the objective into smaller measurable targets for every person or unit responsible for achieving the objective. Mentiontimelines for each phase and person. Now, mention the support required for the plan to succeed. A Planning Presentation should end with key actions with specific timelines, so that your audience is clear about the next steps.

Review Presentation – Most of the Review Presentation is about tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPI). A review presentation should capture the progress on plan, the gaps and measures to be taken to bridge that gap. This is an opportunity to showcase all the good work you have done. So, start with the Hits i.e. the targets you have achieved, try to keep the weighted target achievements in the beginning. Ideally, business targets should come in the beginning and then mention the hygiene or input KPI scores. After the Hits, mention the Misses or things that you are not able to achieve. Also mention the action you are going to meet the deficit. A Review Presentation should also end with key actions with specific timelines.

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