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Corporate Presentation

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Showcasing the uniqueness of your company is an important activity in generating initial interest in mind of your customers. The success of all your marketing and sales effort depends on how well you are able to communicate to your customers. Corporate Presentation is an important communication tool that builds your corporate identity and enhances the image of your company. It should be used in addition to your website. You hardly have control over how a customer navigates your website but a Corporate Presentation is a story about your company which takes the audience through the flow in which you want to talk about your company.

What are the different segments of a corporate presentation?

Opening statements –A Corporate Presentation should always start with the company mission vision and value statement.

About the company – Share some key points about the company like – when it was established, growth over the years and geographical presence. Mention any certifications and awards your company has won.

Team – Share the details of your team. Highlight the expertise and experience which will give your client the confidence to deal with your company.

Reason for existence – State the customer need you are addressing. Define the need and use data to quantify the problem statement. Customers should understand the extensive research you have done to understand the customer's need.

Company's approach – Explain the approach you are using to solve the problem. Explain why you have chosen this approach, back it up with data.

Products and Services – This is the climax of your presentation. Explain the solution in detail – the features and benefits of your products and services. Highlight the USP and key differentiation points. Tell the value story and mention how it is the best solution for your customers. Avoid putting pricing structure on the presentation, share it only after the customer is interested and wants to know the price.

Clients – Share the names of your happy customers. Share client testimonials.

Conclude – Finally tell your customers how you want to take this business relationship forward.

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