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The scope of a Training Presentation is much wider. There could be different kinds of Training Presentations, most widely used trainings are – Product Training, Process Training and Skill Training. Most training programs are divided into modules or segments, each moduledeals with a certain concept. There are two elements of training in each module – the concept and the methodology. Concept is the knowledge part and methodology is the interactive way which helps the participants learn and practice the concepts. Let us understand the segments briefly:

Objective –This is the objective of the module. It should state what the participants are expected to learn by the end of the module.

Core Concept – This is the knowledge part; discuss the core concept which you want the participants to understand. This communication becomes effective when you are able to represent the concepts pictorially. Use a lot of images, charts and diagrams in the slides. Create a theme around the concept and present it in the form of a story. People understand story better than concepts.

Exercise –This is the methodology part. There can be group or individual activity. This might include case studies, role plays, audio/video interactive sessions etc. The use of slides during exercises is not very relevant, but you can use a timer on the slide if you have given a time bound activity to the group.

Summary – Every module ends with a summary slide. A summary slide contains all the key points discussed during the session.

Trainer Notes – Write detail notes in the section provided below each slide. You can also take print out of the Notes Page and keep it as a ready reckoner during training sessions.

PPT Inspiration offers high quality PowerPoint templates for all the presentation segments mentioned above. These templates are completely editable. Download the templates and use them to create an effective Training Presentation.

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